AmphiBot: an amphibious snake robot

Amphibot 3The aim of this project is to build a biologically inspired amphibious snake-like (or eel/lamprey-like) robot, called AmphiBot. The goals of the project are three-fold: (1) to build an amphibious robot for outdoor robotics tasks, taking inspiration from snakes and elongate fishes such as lampreys, (2) to use the robot as a test-bed for novel types of adaptive controllers based on the concept of central pattern generators, and (3) to use the robot to investigate hypotheses of how locomotion-controlling neural networks are implemented in real animals. We are currently testing the control of different types of locomotions using central pattern generator models inspired by our numerical studies of lamprey locomotion. The latest generation is Amphibot III, which can swim with speeds similar to a human, see a video of a friendly human-robot race. The elements of that robot are also used to serve as spine elements of our Salamandra robotica II robot.

The project is now funded by the Envirobot project as part of the swiss Nano-Tera program. In the context of that project we are improving the robot (fourth generation, Amphibot IV) and equiping it with multiple sensors for pollution detection in lakes.

People involved: Alessandro Crespi, Yannick Morel, Mathieu Porez, Kostas Karakasiliotis, Jeremie Knuesel, André Guignard, André Badertscher, Auke Ijspeert

Older generation movies

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