Balance Management

Visual amplification of kinematic errors has successfully been applied to improve performance for upper limb movements. We investigated whether visual error augmentation can promote faster adaptation during a full-body balance task.

As an example of studies carried out to evaluate the contribution of error amplification, healthy volunteers are controlling a cursor by shifting their weight on the THERA-Trainer coro platform and are asked to reach visual targets.

As visual feedback is commonly used in balance training, our preliminary data suggest that integrating visual error augmentation in postural exercises may facilitate balance control.


Jemina Fasola, in charge of this project, is also investigating on how to learn balance control strategies from humans. These techniques are being implemented on the exoskeleton TWIICE.

Related publications:

Jemina, F, et al., “Error Augmentation Improves Visuomotor Adaptation During a Full-Body Balance Task*, EMBC 2019

Jemina, F., “Balance Control Strategies During Standing in a Locked-Ankle Passive Exoskeleton*, ICORR 2019


This project is realized in collaboration with LNCO.  Person of contact, Jemina Fasola.