We developed a novel, compliant, quadruped robot as one part of an FP7 European project (AMARSi: Adaptive Modular Architectures for Rich Motor Skills, project start March 2010, project duration 48 months). Goal of the AMARSi project is to improve biological richness of robotic motor skills. The quadruped hardware development is cooperative work together with the Reservoir Laboratory at Ghent University, Netherlands. The AMARSi project has more than 10 project partners.

Oncilla is a highly sensorized robot with pantographic legs (ASLP legs) as well as an abduction/adduction (AA) mechanism. The sensorization features encoders on each joint and motor, force and moment sensing at the hips, and IMU as well as new ground contact sensors in the feet (3d force-sensors). The research done with the BIOROB team focuses around closed loop rough terrain locomotion and richer motor behaviors.


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Feel free to use pictures and movies without prior permission, provided they are credited as follows:Biorobotics Laboratory, EPFL and Reservoir Laboratory, University of Ghent. Please contact us by email at massimo.vespignani at epfl.ch or auke.ijspeert at epfl.ch if you would like additional information or higher resolution videos.