Collaboration with Organizations

Science and innovation together can substantially accelerate the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. When public good organizations are able to take full advantage of innovative technology solutions, they can greatly increase their impact, as they can scale their operations faster and substantially increase the number of beneficiaries they serve. To seize this opportunity, we:

  • Help you to define and/or realize your sustainable innovation project;
  • serve as a contact point to all research labs, the student population, and the entrepreneurial ecosystem;
  • assist you in the execution and final assessment of your project.

The scope of your innovation project may focus on both short-term implementation or long-term disruption potential. 



NGO Impact Council:

The NGO Impact Council provides an innovative platform for NGOs to leverage EPFL’s cutting-edge innovation and technologies and collaboratively source cutting-edge technologies that strategically accelerate their impact.

Tech4Impact NGO Impact Council Members
benefit from:

  • Co-create the strategic roadmap of the NGO Impact Council and connect with NGOs from a variety of sectors (from human rights to sustainability)  in order to identify common interests for common impact focus working groups to leverage how innovation and technology can be leveraged by NGOs to increase their impact
  • Common, cross-sectoral innovation working groups to design and implement hands-on Tech4Good projects initiated by NGO Impact Council Members around strategic impact topics (e.g. big data, AI or block-chain) depending on common needs
  • Deep dive into disruptive technologies that have the potential to increase your NGO’s impact (opportunity to participate several times a year).
  • Speakers: leading EPFL researchers and thought leaders from corporates, start-ups and civil society.
  • Facilitated access to EPFL’s research labs (e.g. for exclusive bilateral innovation projects), as well as to relevant start-ups from the EPFL ecosystem (e.g. for joint technological developments, partnership collaborations, etc).



Tech4Impact is launching a new global South dedicated program, funding collaborative EPFL-NGO projects. More more information, please refer to the dedicated Tech4Dev page.

Curious to learn more about how Tech4Impact can support your organization? Reach out to us!

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