Faraji, S. (Master Project)

Thesis movies:

Chapter 4:

        Sagittal motion
        Statically-stable walking
        Walking foot plan
        Static Balance with 75N pushes

Chapter 5:
        Captured walking (0.2m/s)
        PID controlled CoM (0.1m/s)
        MPC controlled CoM (0.1m/s)
        Walking foot plan

Chapter 6:
        Simple walking with left, front, right and back push recovery (up to 0.4m/s)
        Walking foot plan
        Rough terrain of 10%
        Slopes up to 0.08 rad

        Model errors in masses:
                Pelvis (+3kg)
                Thigh (+5Kg)
                Left foot (+3Kg)
                Left and right feet (each +3Kg)

        Model errors in lengths:
                Thigh (+10cm)

        System noises:
                Joint position sensors (0.001 rad)


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