Peter Eckert

P. Eckert I am Peter Eckert, 4th-year PhD-student at the BIOROB-lab EPFL. My field of work is mostly related to mechanical design of bio-inspired quadruped robots. In this framework       I participated in development of Bobcat, Lynx, Cheetah-Cub-S, Cheetah-Cub-T, Cheetah-Cub-AL and Oncilla. You can find more information about these robots here. My current interest is to understand and quantify rich locomotor behavior in quadruped robots and make them more sturdy and reliable, e.g. field-ready.
Following you can find some information about my academic activities in the last years:
 since 2013             PhD-student at BIOROB on bio mechanical design of small quadrupedal robots
10/2012 – 04/2013    Master-thesis at BIOROB (topic: “Effect of spine movement
                              on quadruped robot bounding locomotion, an experimental study”)
04/2012 – 10/2012    internship at BIOROB (topic: “Design and construction of
                              bio-inspired quadruped locomotion robots”)
04/2011 – 04/2013    studies of mechatronics (M.Sc.) with specialization in
04/2011                   academic degree: Bachelor of Sience
10/2007 – 04/2011    studies of mechatronics (B.Sc.), University of Technology Ilmenau


Journal Articles

Towards rich motion skills with the lightweight quadruped robot Serval

P. Eckert; A. E. M. Schmerbauch; T. Horvat; K. Soehnel; M. S. Fischer et al. 

Adaptive Behavior


Vol. 28 , num. 3, p. 129-150.

DOI : 10.1177/1059712319853227

Design and development of the efficient anguilliform swimming robot- MAR

K. Struebig; B. Bayat; P. Eckert; A. Looijestijn; T. C. Lueth et al. 

Bioinspiration & Biomimetics


Vol. 15 , num. 3, p. 035001.

DOI : 10.1088/1748-3190/ab6be0

Benchmarking Agility For Multilegged Terrestrial Robots

P. Eckert; A. J. Ijspeert 

IEEE Transactions on Robotics


Vol. 35 , num. 2, p. 529-535.

DOI : 10.1109/TRO.2018.2888977

Oncilla Robot: A Versatile Open-Source Quadruped Research Robot With Compliant Pantograph Legs

A. Sprowitz; A. Tuleu; M. Ajallooeian; M. Vespignani; R. Mockel et al. 

Frontiers in Robotics and AI


Vol. 5 , p. 67.

DOI : 10.3389/frobt.2018.00067

On Designing an Active Tail for Legged Robots: Simplifying Control via Decoupling of Control Objectives

S. Heim; M. Ajalloeian; P. Eckert; M. Vespignani; A. Ijspeert 

Industrial Robot: An International Journal


Vol. 43 , num. 3, p. 338-346.

DOI : 10.1108/IR-10-2015-0190

Conference Papers

Towards Rich Motion Skills with the Lightweight Quadruped Robot Serval – A Design, Control and Experimental Study

P. Eckert; A. E. Schmerbauch; T. Horvat; K. Söhnel; M. S. Fischer et al. 

From Animals to Animats 15


15th International Conference on Simulation of Adaptive Behavior, SAB 2018, Frankfurt/Main, Germany, August 14-17, 2018.

p. 41-55

DOI : 10.1007/978-3-319-97628-0_4

On Designing An Active Tail For Body-Pitch Control In Legged Robots Via Decoupling Of Control Objectives

S. W. Heim; M. Ajallooeian; P. Eckert; M. Vespignani; A. Ijspeert 

Assistive Robotics


18th Climbing and Walking Robots Conference (CLAWAR), Hangzhou, PEOPLES R CHINA, SEP 06-09, 2015.

p. 256-264

DOI : 10.1142/9789814725248_0033

Friction and damping of a compliant foot based on granular jamming for legged robots

S. Hauser; P. Eckert; A. Tuleu; A. Ijspeert 

2016 6Th Ieee International Conference On Biomedical Robotics And Biomechatronics (Biorob)


6th IEEE International Conference on Biomedical Robotics and Biomechatronics (BioRob), SINGAPORE, JUN 26-29, 2016.

p. 1160-1165

DOI : 10.1109/BIOROB.2016.7523788

Cheetah-cub-S: Steering of a Quadruped Robot using Trunk Motion

K. Weinmeister; P. Eckert; H. Witte; A. Ijspeert 


2015 IEEE International Symposium on Safety, Security, and Rescue Robotics, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, USA, October 18-20, 2015.

DOI : 10.1109/SSRR.2015.7443021

Comparing the effect of different spine and leg designs for a small bounding quadruped robot

P. Eckert; A. Spröwitz; H. Witte; A. Ijspeert 

Proceedings of ICRA 2015


ICRA 2015, Seattle, Washington, USA, May 26-30, 2015.

p. 3128-3133

DOI : 10.1109/ICRA.2015.7139629

Simplifying Control through Active Tail Use

S. W. Heim; M. Ajallooeian; M. Vespignani; P. Eckert; A. Ijspeert 

Integrative And Comparative Biology


Annual Meeting of the Society-for-Integrative-and-Comparative-Biology (SICB).

p. E272-E272


Towards Agility: Definition, Benchmark and Design Considerations for Small, Quadrupedal Robots

P. Eckert / Director(s) : A. Ijspeert 

Lausanne: EPFL


p. 270.

DOI : 10.5075/epfl-thesis-8592


Cheetah-cub-S: Steering of a Quadruped Robot using Trunk Motion

K. Weinmeister; P. Eckert; H. Witte; A. Ijspeert 

AMAM 2015, Camebridge, Massachusetts, USA, June 21 – 25, 2015.

Rich Locomotion Skills with the Oncilla Robot

M. Ajallooeian; A. Tuleu; A. Sprowitz; P. Eckert; M. Vespignani et al. 

Dynamic Walking 2014, Zurich, Switzerland, June 10-13, 2014.

Motor Control Adaptation to Changes in Robot Body Dynamics for a Complaint Quadruped Robot

S. Pouya; P. Eckert; A. Sproewitz; R. Möckel; A. Ijspeert 

The 2nd International Conference on Biomimetic and Biohybrid Systems (Living Machines 2013), London, UK, July 2013.


Towards measuring agility for legged, terrestrial locomotion

P. Eckert; A. Ijspeert 

Dynamic Walking 2017.

Adaptive foot design for small quadruped robots

P. Eckert; A. Ijspeert 

Dynamic Walking 2016, Holly, Michigan, USA, June 4-7, 2016.

Kontrolle von Fortbewegung in Tierreich und Technik

A. I. Peter Eckert 

Bionik – Die Natur als Inspiration für die Technik, Wien, Autria, 1. April – 22. Juni 2015.

Comparing the effect of different spine and leg designs for a small, bounding quadruped robot

P. Eckert; A. Spröwitz; H. Witte; A. Ijspeert 

Dynamic walking 2014, Zürich, June 10, 2014 – June 13, 2014.


Propulsion module for generating wave-like motion

P. Eckert; B. Bayat; A. Ijspeert 

Patent number(s) :

  • WO2020152502 (A1)