Metamedia Center

The Metamedia Center is a multidisciplinary and transversal center created in 2010 at EPFL. Its goal is to digitize and preserve the entire audiovisual collection of the Montreux Jazz Festival. This incredible archive collection is now available to researchers and students as a catalyst for innovation and enrichment. It has been the focus of more than 35 projects at EPFL and in partnership with other academic institutions.

Montreux Jazz Digital Project

From the first edition of the Montreux Jazz Festival in 1967 its visionary founder, Claude Nobs, recorded the performances of artists unaware that his legacy would become, in 2013, the first audiovisual collection to be inscribed in the Memory of the world UNESCO register as one of the most important testimonial to the history of music covering Jazz, Blues and Rock.

Since 2010, the digitization and preservation of this unique collection of more than 11’000 hours of video, 6’000 hours of audio and 180’000 photos is overseen by the Metamedia Center at EPFL and is now used for research purposes by several EPFL laboratories.


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