Nature, in code

What laws govern nature and life? How does natural selection influence populations? Are gene mutations useful?

Computer simulations can answer these questions and even predict which genetic characteristics will be transmitted to future generations. Today, this revolutionary tool is essential for scientists, as much as theory and experiments.

During this pre-university week, participants will learn the basics of JavaScript programming and implement key biological concepts in code to analyze their impact on life. The findings are presented in a visual form that is easy to interpret.

All the participants will have the opportunity to code their own simulations and share the results with their friends.

Practical information

Where and when
October 24-27, 2022 at EPFL (Lausanne) – The pre-university weeks will of course take place in strict compliance with the sanitary measures in force at that time
High school students from canton of Vaud (2nd year and beyond)
No prior knowledge
Handouts and course in French and English
The course material is based on the book Nature, in Code by M. Salathé, EPFL professor in the School of computer and communication science and the School of life sciences
Teaching staff
Students from the School of computer and communication sciences as well as from the School of life sciences

Dr Barbara Jobstmann, lecturer, School of computer and communication sciences
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Please contact the Education Outreach Department for any question: [email protected]

This pre-university week is supported by the School of computer and communication sciences and the Education outreach department.