Swiss Plasma Center

We propel fusion at the heart of the energy transition, here, now

Interior of the TCV tokamak. © A. Herzog, EPFL

EPFL’s Swiss Plasma Center is one of the world leaders in fusion research.

Fusion is based on the principle that powers the Sun. It has the potential to provide everyone with an abundant, safe and clean source of energy.

Through a rich program of research, linked to different levels of training, we are working to deepen our understanding of plasma physics and propel fusion to the heart of the energy transition.


We conduct a programme organised in six research lines: Plasma Theory, Basic Plasma Physics, TCV Tokamak Physics, International Collaborations, Superconductivity for Fusion, and Plasma Applications.


We are committed to preparing the next generations of fusion scientists and engineers. We provide education in Physics for students of all levels (Bachelor, Master and Doctoral School).

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Join our dynamic team at SPC, in the stunning Swiss landscapes, where innovation meets inclusivity, all while fostering professional growth and family-friendly support.


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