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Rapport sur les expériences de l’enseignement à distance


Rapport enseignement à distance VD Résumé Dans ce rapport, nous offrons un aperçu du vécu des enseignants vaudois pendant la période de confinement COVID-19. Cet aperçu est nourri des résultats généraux du sondage « A votre écoute », sondage distribué aux enseignants du Canton de Vaud après quatre semaines d’enseignement à distance, et aussi d’entretiens (…)

L’école après covid-19

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Pierre Dillenbourg partage ses réfléxions sur l’éducation après covid-19. Comment rendre l’école plus robuste, en intégrant les expériences faites avec l’enseignement à distance?

Research into experiences of teaching at EPFL during social isolation


To all EPFL teachers So you were not prepared to move all your teaching online, in this within some days (or hours)? But you made it!!! And you probably constantly keep adapting your online teaching to make it work better for yourself, your teaching team, and your students. This adaptation effort is impressive! Such a (…)

Crowdsourcing ideas for interactive digital open learning resources


The Center LEARN has launched a project for the creation of around ten interactive digital learning resources per year to facilitate the digital transition in secondary education. This project is coordinated by the LEARN Center at EPFL with the support of Credit Suisse Foundation. A first call for proposals is open to any teacher in (…)

Solutions for distance learning


Due to the closing of schools, authorities, school directions, and teachers are in an sudden need for distance education. In order to help them finding solutions, the Swiss EdTech Collider has created a list of startups that are proposing solutions for distance learning. You can find the list in German, English and French on the (…)

The CEDE is hiring student assistants to manually tag keywords in EPFL course descriptions


The Center for Digital Education ( is hiring student assistants to manually tag keywords in EPFL course descriptions. In the context of the Campus Analytics project, we are trying to identify each individual scientific concept that is taught in each EPFL course—by manually tagging keywords in course descriptions and connecting them to relevant Wikipedia pages. (…)

The CEDE is looking for a Full Stack Developer (100%)


The Center for Digital Education (—located in the iconic Rolex Learning Center—is the European leader in MOOCs development and one of the main drivers of pedagogical innovation at EPFL. We are among the few universities in the world using Machine Learning and AI technology to support students and teachers in educational planning, as well as (…)

Official launch of the Learning Companion app


More than a thousand students are starting classes at EPFL for the first time today. Together with the excitement of the new academic year, they are feeling apprehension about starting university life and pressure to learn complex subjects at a fast pace. So to help students acquire effective learning habits, EPFL has created the Learning Companion (…)

DRIL: A new fund to help teachers innovate


The vice-presidency for education created the DRIL fund to support teachers in creating digital resources for education. Two calls for proposal are organised per year. Teachers can submit a project with the submission form. An editorial committee composed of representatives from schools evaluates the projects. The DRIL fund focuses its support on resources that are used (…)

A new way of visualising the EPFL course catalog


Two EPFL students have developed a new method of navigating the course catalog in the form of a pre-requisites graph. The traditional way students browse for courses at EPFL is through a list of course titles and descriptions. This format is enough to understand what each course covers in terms of subjects, but does a (…)