Research into experiences of teaching at EPFL during social isolation

To all EPFL teachers

So you were not prepared to move all your teaching online, in this within some days (or hours)? But you made it!!! And you probably constantly keep adapting your online teaching to make it work better for yourself, your teaching team, and your students. This adaptation effort is impressive!

Such a massive movement of changing teaching practices is a unique opportunity for educational research. Therefore, a team of researchers at LEARN is currently conducting a qualitative data collection to understand the impacts of the social distancing on teaching practice, and capture experiences of teachers teaching all formats at EPFL, including large classes, travaux pratiques, smaller groups, semester projects, lab exercises, etc. The research aims to gain better insight of adaptation strategies and support better future preparedness.

If you would like to participate in the study and contribute with sharing your experiences, please contact Helena Kovacs. Participation is voluntary, pseudo-anonymized and possible in three different formats, including an online semi-structured interview in English, e-mail based interview in English or French, and diary recording in English or French.