CROSS 2019

Call for proposals: RESISTANCE

(passed deadline)

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The theme of the 2019 Collaborative Research on Science and Society program (CROSS) is resistance. CROSS awards grants to interdisciplinary projects at UNIL-EPFL.

Resistance is defined as a body’s capacity to resist an action or force generated by another body; it is opposition to movement, or the ability to face up to a physical or moral challenge. Electrical resistance, for example, represents the ratio of voltage to current. By measuring the resistance of materials, we can calculate the limitations and potential for distortion in the structures we build. In biology, resistance refers to organisms’ ability to withstand unfamiliar or unfavorable conditions.

Over the last few decades, research into the possibility and scope of radical social change has led scholars in anthropology and political science to incorporate the idea of resistance – be it passive or active – into their analysis of social phenomena. Although it has historically been associated with opposition movements, the idea of resistance has taken on a new, contemporary meaning in the human and social sciences.

Resistance can thus refer to a wide range of study areas, including but not limited to mechanics, politics, psychology, chemistry and acoustics. It is a research focus shared between a number of different disciplines.
In 2019, CROSS will give priority to projects that examine the notion of resistance in scientifically original and promising ways. Proposals on other topics are also accepted.

Please send your proposal as a single pdf file to [email protected].

The submission deadline for this year’s call for proposals is: September 30th 2018.

Contact: [email protected]