Digital Education: the EduNum project

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The digital transition at school

In order to support society’s digital transition, the canton Vaud has prioritized a digital education program extended to the entire school system in its 2017-2022 legislative program. 

Key actions

The program defines them according to two main axes:

  • Strengthening the training of compulsory school teachers in digital education
  • The training of students from the first cycle of their schooling

A one-of-a-kind inter-institutional collaboration

In order to carry out this program, the Department of Education, Youth and Culture (DFJC) has called on the Center LEARN at l’EPFL, as well as the University of Lausanne and the HEP-Vaud

An implementation that extends to the entire canton of Vaud

This collaboration brings together the key educational institutions of Vaud in the implementation of digital education for all of the more than 12,000 teachers and 130,000 students who are part of the school levels of cycles 1, 2, 3 as well as high-school (Ecole de Maturité) of the canton.

Over the course of the project, EduNum aims a deployment to all 93 schools of the Vaud compulsory school system.

Project reports:


The news packages below were produced by the Canton and give an insight on the project as it is implemented in classrooms. 

The deployment of digital education in the canton of Vaud (in French)

Teacher training (in French)

Official website of the Department of Education, Youth and Culture (DFJC)  

For more Information

The project is described in further details in French here.