Vice President for Human Resources and Operations

EPFL © Alain Herzog

EPFL © Alain Herzog

Etienne Marclay’s word

The functioning of a campus such as EPFL’s is based on both human and infrastructural resources of quality, and well-oiled operations allowing all employees, whether professors, scientists, technicians or administrators to have the best possible working conditions. This requires the services of professionals in their respective fields of competence, constantly attentive to needs and able to respond effectively to requests, in a spirit of partnership and support, while keeping in mind the importance of including these actions in the demanding objectives of the social and environmental transition initiated at both the national and international levels.


After a scientific training, concluded with a doctorate in solid-state physics from EPFL and IBM’s research laboratory in Zurich, as well as a few years of post-docs in fundamental and applied research, Etienne Marclaystarted a consulting career, first in 1990 in the consulting engineering firm AWK Engineering in Zurich and Lausanne and then in 1996 in strategy and business organization consulting firms in Switzerland and abroad, such as ICME, Ernst & Young Consulting and Cap Gemini Ernst & Young. In January 2003, he joined Swisscom in Bern where he held various senior management positions in the company’s strategy and business development unit.

In April 2008, he returned to Lausanne to take up the position of Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Engineering Sciences and Technology (STI) at EPFL. In 2010, he took over the central function of EPFL’s Delegate for Planning and Finance and then became Deputy Secretary General for Planning and Logistics and a member of EPFL’s Extended Directorate, then in 2015 Delegate of the Vice-President for Resources and Infrastructures. Finally, he was appointed at the beginning of 2017 to his current position as Vice-President for Human Resources and Operations within the EPFL Department.