Safety, Prevention and Health Domain

© Alain Herzog / EPFL

© Alain Herzog / EPFL

Serving the EPFL community

A campus like EPFL has specific characteristics in terms of safety, prevention and health. A laboratory is a unique professional environment. The many events that take place on campus, such as the famous Balélec festival or state visits, require specific logistics. The student population must find support for their health issues. These are just a few examples of the countless issues addressed by our teams.


Emergency Numbers


EPFL landline : 115 Personal mobile phone : 021 693 30 00 EPFL Campus app : SOS


Our specialists work on the ground when conducting inspections, as well as on construction project analyses and the organization of events.


The campus can count on a rescue and assistance organization structured around an emergency response unit that is available 24/7 and can be reinforced by the School’s volunteer rescuers and firefighters (SDIS – EPFL).


Laboratory activities

Our mission is to foster a safe working environment in laboratories thanks to advice, risk analyses and audits.


The occupational health team, comprising occupational doctors, nurses and hygienists, aims to promote and protect the health and well-being of all people working at EPFL.


The DSPS runs various compulsory basic safety training courses. It also organizes specific on-demand training courses such as forklift driving, crane bridges, electrical hazards, etc.



41 21 693 2005

41 21 693 2416







Safety, Prevention and Health Domain

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