Catering, shops and hotels

A few persons sitting and eating in a cafeteria

A few persons sitting and eating in a cafeteria

Catering, shops and hotels on the campus

The Catering and Shops Unit (RESCO) is in charge of the catering establishments, shops and hotels on the campus. From cafeterias to self-service places, food-trucks and restaurants with table service, the offer on the campus is rich and varied with more than 30 catering points of service! Many shops are present on the campus: food, bookshop, mobile telephony, hairdresser, etc. As for the SwissTech Hotel, there are 66 rooms available at the Quartier Nord EPFL.

Services offered by Restaurants and Shops


A rich and varied offer


Shops on the Campus

SwissTech Hotel

A hotel directly on the Campus



Articles sporting EPFL’s colors

The catering in pictures!

Take a visual tour of the campus’s catering points of service!





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RESCO (Restauration et Commerces)

Station 4

Bâtiment BS (BS 224)

CH-1015 Lausanne