Vice Presidency for Human Resources and Operations

EPFL © Alain Herzog

EPFL © Alain Herzog

Supporting training and research

The VPRHO gives a very special place to EPFL’s human resources management which, in their necessary diversity of skills and profiles, should enable the School to carry out its basic missions of training, research and innovation. In addition, it offers its expertise and services to the School’s teachers, scientists and services in all matters relating to infrastructure management, occupational safety and health, purchasing and catering. All these activities are underpinned by the social and environmental responsibility of an institution that has a duty to set an example in this area.


People who work at EPFL

Human Resources

Attractive jobs in a stimulating working environment

Real Estate and Infrastructures

The Real Estate and Infrastructures Domain manages the real estate assets and infrastructures, as well as all the services related to the caretaking and operation of the various EPFL sites.

Safety, Prevention and Health Domain

Safety and health management on a daily basis for the EPFL population.



Procurement and Purchasing

The Procurement and Purchasing Department advises and supports EPFL units in the purchase of goods and services.


Strong and integrated sustainability that aims to achieve ambitious environmental objectives set by the Confederation and CEPF.


Restaurants, shops and hotels

A real microcosm, EPFL is full of infrastructures meeting the needs of its employees, students and visitors.


swiss tech convention center

Swisstech Convention Center

The SwissTech Convention Center is one of the largest conference centers in the Lake Geneva region hosting events of international fame.

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Vice President for Human Resources and Operations

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Matthias Gäumann is in charge of the Vice Presidency for Human Resources and Operations.


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