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EPFL @ Alain Herzog

EPFL @ Alain Herzog

The School's financial and risk management

The Finance Vice-Presidency, created on 1 January 2017, responds to the growing complexity of EPFL's financial planning and management and its various funding sources. The school invests around CHF 1 billion per year in its central and decentralised sites for its three core missions, education, research and innovation.

The Vice-Presidency is responsible for developing and implementing EPFL's financial strategy, financial planning and management, treasury management, risk management and internal control.

It ensures compliance with the standards and principles of good governance and financial compliance and coordinates financial management directly and matrixically with financial managers in faculties and related entities.

Services of the Vice-Presidency

Accounting service

This entity is responsible for the maintenance of the general accounts and the consolidation of the EPFL accounts. It also ensures the provision of quality financial services to all internal and external stakeholders of the School. In addition, it coordinates inventory activities and also manages tax operations.

Management control department

The main mission of this Service is to ensure that EPFL's management bodies have relevant and clear financial information in a timely manner, thus serving as a decision-making aid for all aspects of the School's financial resources, and to monitor their impact.

Internal control and risk management department

The service coordinates EPFL's risk analysis and mitigation measures. In addition, he is responsible for internal control and the application of the Internal Control System. In addition, it coordinates the audits of all EPFL-related entities and liaises with the control bodies. Finally, it manages insurance and carries out special support missions.

Planning, budget and treasury department

In addition to managing the overall budget process, the department is responsible for the school's medium- and long-term financial planning. In addition, there is the management of current cash flow; planning liquidity needs and developing financing and investment strategies. It analyses, validates and communicates the main institutional data of EPFL.

Other services


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The signature register centralizes the rights of employees who have the right to commit EPFL financially. The signature register is used, among other things, by members of the financial department to check that invoices or expense reports received for payment have been validated by employees authorised to do so.

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Vice President Finance

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Caroline Kuyper is responsible for financial strategy and planning, the budget process, financial management and treasury, performance indicators as well as controlling, insurance and risk management.



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