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Financial and risk management

The Vice Presidency for Finances (VPFI) was created in 2017, in response to the growing complexity of EPFL’s financial planning and management as well as its various funding sources.

The School invests around one billion francs per year in its different sites, employs more than 6,000 people and welcomes, every day, about 11,000 students. In this context, the VPFI coordinates – together with the finance officers of diverse faculties and other related entities – EPFL financial management. It is responsible for guarantying compliance with financial standards.

Led by Caroline Kuyper, Vice President and CFO, the VPFI is committed to provide consistent and high-end services in the strategic, administrative and financial sectors, while developing modern and integrated management tools and systems.

Overall, nearly 60 employees work daily to ensure the smooth running of EPFL’s finance function. Together, they carry out the VPFI’s missions, which include long-term financial strategy and planning, the budget process, accounting consolidation, treasury, management and internal control as well as institutional data, risk and insurance management.


Vice Presidency Departments

Accounting Department

This department is responsible for the general accounting and consolidation of EPFL’s accounts. It also provides support to all stakeholders, both internal and external, of the School. Finally, it coordinates inventory processes and manages tax operations.

Controlling Department

This department ensures that EPFL’s governing bodies have the information they require to take decisions on the School’s financial resources and monitor their impact. It plays a leading role, in collaboration with all employees involved in EPFL’s financial management, in the continuous improvement of processes, procedures and management tools.

Planning, Treasury and Institutional Data Department

This department leads EPFL’s overall annual budget process as well as the medium- and long-term strategic financial planning. It manages current cash flow, plans liquidity requirements and develops financial and investment strategies.



Internal Control and Risk Management Department

This department coordinates risk analysis as well as the monitoring and implementation of mitigation measures to ensure the protection of EPFL’s value components. It also coordinates the numerous internal and external audits, which cover EPFL entities and manages insurance.

Program Management Office

The VPFI’s program management office responds to the challenges of transforming the finance function within EPFL and contributes to its improvement, while ensuring that it meets the School’s strategic and operational development. It supports projects that aim to simplify and modernize existing processes, with a view to continuously optimizing the work of EPFL employees.


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Vice President for Finances

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Caroline Kuyper is responsible for financial strategy and planning, the budget process, financial management and treasury, performance indicators as well as controlling, insurance and risk management.


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Services of the VPFI

From fund management to invoicing issues, expense reimbursement or the inventory process: discover the various services offered by the VPFI with all the information and contacts you need.

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Financial Toolkit

Forms, regulations, deadlines, training and useful links are gathered in the “Financial Toolkit”.




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