Vice President for Information Systems


Edouard Bugnion is in charge of the Vice Presidency for Information Systems, and Head of Human Ressources.

Holder of a doctorate in computer science from Stanford, he joined EPFL in 2012 as a faculty member of the School of Computer Science and Communications and director of the Computer Center Systems Laboratory. He is also co-scientific director of the “Data Science” program launched by the ETH Board.

Prior to that, Edouard Bugnion spent 18 years in the United States, where he studied at Stanford and co-founded 2 start-ups: VMware and Nuova Systems (acquired by Cisco). From 1998 to 2005, he played many roles at VMware, including CTO. From 2005 to 2011, within the Nuova / Cisco group, he helped build the main engineering team, and he became the VP / CTO of the Servers, Access and Virtualization Technology Group, a team that launched on the markets the Cisco Unified Computing (UCS) platform for virtualized data centers.