Sharing pedagogical innovation among EPFL teachers and researchers

Why lunch&LEARN?

At LEARN we have the mission to develop evidence-based educational practices and support innovative teaching and learning. In order to capture and showcase some interesting examples, we have set up a series of lunch&LEARN sessions which portray projects from the community and their respective teaching and learning experiences. The aim of lunch&LEARN sessions is to gather an audience interested in novel and effective learning and teaching approaches, and create a rich discussion around successful paradigms based on evidence.

Format of lunch&LEARN

As an informal and open event, lunch&LEARN allows participants to have their meals while gaining new insights about interesting pedagogical approaches, opening possibilities for knowledge sharing and further collaborations. Our guests encompass a range of innovative teachers and researchers from labs working on learning (CHILI, REACT, MOBOTS), service units (CEDE, CAPE), and educators with new visions for education at EPFL.

This event is open to teachers interested in innovative teaching and learning and, regardless of whether you are curious or doubtful, active participation in lunch&LEARN discussions is very welcomed!

If you want to subscribe to the mailing list where we inform about upcoming sessions, please drop a mail to [email protected]

Also be in touch with us if you would like to suggest a topic for a future session or would want to moderate yourself.

Upcoming Session

03.10.2019 12:15 – Pierre Vanderghenst – Vision for education at EPFL

Previous sessions

Date Presenter Topic Ressources (slides available with EPFL account)
22.01.2019 Stian Haklev, CHILI lab FROG Slides


21.02.2019 Marc Laperrouza, CDH, SHS

Roland Tormey, CAPE

Developping a questionnaire to assess interdisciplinary project management skills Slides
28.03.2019 Simon Henein & Susanne Martin, STI Improgineering Slides
30.04.2019 Mauro Cherubini & Thibault Estier, UNIL Teaching programming to
large classes with Jupyter


23.05.2019 Denis Gillet & Juan-Carlos Farah, REACT Active Learning: From concepts to blended implementation with an open access platform Presentation
18.06.2019 Paulo Blikstein, Columbia University Maker education in
higher education:
what’s possible?