Improve maritime efficiency


Hydrocontest was an international student competition dedicated to maratime efficiency. The contest brought together teams of students from around the world and EPFL participated since the first edition in 2014. There were two classes of boats: a class of mass transportation, which simulated container ships with 200kg of weight on board and a light class that simulated a fast passenger boat with 20kg weight on board.

The EPFL team – with around 40 members – brought together students from many fields, and was able to count on both the expertise of laboratories and a network of industrial partners to develop boats at the cutting edge of technology. For example, students were regularly producing their largest pieces at Decision SA, with fine-ply carbon provided by NTPT. The tests were made from the port of Compagnie Générale de Navigation (CGN), another partner of the team.

  • 5 faculties involved: Mecanic, Microtechnic, Material science, Computational sciences, Electricity
  • 5 trophees and 3 second places won in 5 campaigns
  • First bifoiler (=inverted pendulum) radio-controlled in the world
  • World premiere for the joint use of fine-pleated carbon (NTPT) and PowerRibs (flax fiber reinforcement produced by B-comp)


The story behind the first rc bifoiler motorboat in history – EPFL – Hydrocontest 2016