What will change on our plates in 2020

Find out about the first steps in our EPFL 20–30 strategy

May 2020

  • No more palm oil
  • No more poultry from Brazil
  • Only eco-certified fish

June 2020

  • No more glutamate
  • Only free-range eggs

August 2020

  • All meat Swiss-sourced
  • Half of all fruit and vegetables Swiss-sourced
  • No more products grown in fossil-fuel-heated greenhouses

September 2020

  • Half of all menus vegetarian
  • Between CHF 5.50 and 7.50 for all student dishes (three components)
  • Too Good To Go: unsold food from all catering points made available
  • nutriMenu: nutritional tool available for all catering points starting on 28 September

October 2020

  • ONE Climate Day: meat-free day on 6 October

November 2020

  • First EPFL-grown produce ready

January 2021

  • No more than 10% of imports by plane
  • No more than 30% of imports by boat
  • Localmates: vending machines with local, healthy, fresh and eco-certified products

February 2021

  • Initial results of the analysis of EPFL’s food and catering carbon footprint