Spring 2018 – Pavilion in the Jardin d’Agronomie Tropical of Paris

This semester, let’s immerses ourself in the world of the artist Johann le Guillerm to explore the close relationship that can exist between a work and its construction process.

“Johann Le Guillerm, accomplished circus artist, is the virtuoso of improbable arrangements: balances,
tipping points or suspension or physical properties of friction form its toolbox ofresearcher-dreamer. “
Vidy Theater, 2017

Over the weeks, the students discovered the artist’s approach and inspiration from process of staging his ephemeral constructions. In order to assist an intuitive approach and give oneself the means to control more precisely the construction,
courses on wood construction as well as learning parametric software was given to students.
The themes of editing and constructive process was at the center of the reflection. The shaping of the architecture was the conceptual starting point of the semester project.

Students were invited to learn from the processes and methodologies implemented within the laboratory. The development of new assembly systems is indeed at the center of research carried out by PhD students and materializes concretely in their application to exemplary buildings (Théâtre de Vidy, chapel St Loup)