Semi-Rigid Moment-Resisting Behavior of Multiple Tab-and-Slot Joint for Timber Plate Structures


Funding: EPFL

Status: Completed 2013-2017

Doctor: Stéphane Roche, engineer, IBOIS

Thesis director: Prof. Yves Weinand, architect and engineer, IBOIS


Within the field of complex geometry, IBOIS has initiated teamwork to design and characterize different categories of free-form plate structures. Relatively thin engineered wood panels were assembled to form single or double-curved structures. The angular edge-to-edge connections of the panels is made by using Multiple Tab-and-Slot timber Joint (MTSJ). This thesis proposes the elaboration of a model for the semi-rigid moment-rotation behaviour of the through-tenon variant (MTSJ-TT). Supported by an experimental investigations, an analytical solution is implemented from the kinematic of the joint and the local contact between tabs and slots. The contact law is based on the partial triangular embedment of wood in compression perpendicular to the grain. The deformed volume due to the embedment is described by directly and indirectly loaded volumes. The directly loaded volume is a triangular prism varying with the rotation angle. The indirectly loaded volumes is based on a rational quadratic function, which fits the profile of the additional length. An experimental characterization provides new material parameters of the rotational partial compression and the yield point. The material of the study is spruce laminated veneer lumber (LVL). A code is finally delivered to calculate and plot the ductile moment-resisting behaviour of any geometry of MTSJ-TT.

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