From design to constructive detail:

The students were asked to design a new structural system for the roof of the Davos ice rink. In groups, they had to imagine and understand a static system capable of covering a large span without intermediate supports.

Students : Marilyn Bruhlmann, Alexandre Gameiro, Lundrim Karameta, Emmanuel Stump, Thomas Vila, Manuel Zuluaga

Students : Eleonor Gras, Eléonore Gueyffier, Salimat Toturbieva, Philippo Rattazzi, Natalia Stavrovskaya, Léo Benjamin

Students : Ricky Lee, Simon Jeckelmann, Paulo Cordeiro, Erblean Jasiqi, Sven Gillet, Pierre Menoud

Students: Luciano Antonietti, Alice Fiorini, Jérôme Lauper, Loris Millius, Simone Morelli, Bryan Parvex