Phaenomena | Autumn 2022-Spring 2023

Phaenomena, Interactive Science Exhibition, 1984 – 2024

Organized by Dr. Georg Müller and the Zürcher Forum, from May 12 to October 23, 1984 in Zurichhorn. Exhibited later in South Africa, the Nederlands, and Germany, some installations are still on display at Technorama in Winterthur.
– 200 experimental stations with hands-on experiences
– 1,2 million visitors in 6 months and 5,4 million visitors worldwide

“The rapid development of our civilization and the mood of upheaval in all areas of life incite to haste and superficiality, whereas it would be necessary to take the time to get to the bottom of things. If you want to acquire a solid world view, you have to learn and understand the basic laws, connections and processes in nature. Phenomena is a bridge to a better understanding of a world that has become more complex. Phenomena are the windows, the focal points of the world of appearances. The aim of the exhibition is to bring them closer to the interested visitor.” Zürcher Forum

Living Archives


Prof. : Yves Weinand
Assist. : Nicolas Rogeau
Guests : David Roulin, Vincent Mermod, Agathe Mignon

Students, Autumn 2022

Noah Ajani, Alexandre Bai, Ugo Beaudonnat, Raul Biehrer, Rebecca Broye, Yuren Chen, Alex Collet, Joanna Druey, Justus Förster, Léonardo Hatoum,  Isabella Kaiser, Zoé Kirschfink, Ambre Lassus, Darius Michoud, Alix Magnaguemabe, Nikola Milanovic, Sophie Niederkrüger, Juhee Oh, Samuel Perreault, Lucas Shooner, Barbara Urmossy, Timo Van Meensel

Students, Spring 2023

Florian Baeriswyl, Andéol De Buyer, Vetle Molden Berge, Celeste Moutalidis, Shani Tsoref, Timo Van Meensel, Dominic Weber