Postgrad course – Digital Timber Construction

IBOIS is launching a new 4-days postgrad course dedicated to professionals in the timber construction industry


Program Director: Prof. Dr. Yves Weinand

Program Coordinator: Dr. Nicolas Rogeau

Program Instructors: Prof. Dr. Yves Weinand, Prof. Dr. Aryan Rezaei Rad, Dr. Petras Vestartas, Dr. Nicolas Rogeau


Short Description: New ways of designing and building with wood.

Dates: Friday June 23, Saturday June 24, Friday June 30, Saturday July 1, 2023

Information & Registration (mandatory): please click here

Software: Rhinoceros 7 (a free 90 days trial version can be downloaded here)


The construction industry must make a drastic change in its model to meet current environmental requirements and the challenge of climate change. Bio-based materials, mainly via wood construction, are part of the answer. Applications are broad : new buildings to meet new needs, densification of city centers via elevations to avoid urban sprawl, and renovation to maintain and upgrade the existing built environment. Design and construction methods with wood have considerably evolved in the recent years. What are the new norms and standards? What are the advantages to build with timber engineered products? How to leverage technology and digital tools to create innovative and sustainable timber projects?

Contents / Objectives
• Understand the current trends and challenges for the timber construction industry
• Learn advanced CAD methods for the design of standard and bespoke timber structures
• Experiment with laser scanning and point clouds to create structures out of round wood
• Be able to use innovative computational tools to boost your efficiency and creativity from design to construction
• Learn how to integrate fabrication, assembly, and structural engineering constraints in mass timber construction projects


Target Audience

Construction professionals – such as architects, engineers, contractors, project managers, timber manufacturers, and carpenters – wanting to learn innovative computational workflows for designing and building timber structures.

The course will be given in English.


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