Autumn 2019 – ELEMENTS 1/2, Architecture as civil engagement

The focus of this studio was to challenge the relation between art and science. Students were first asked to state a civic engagement in relation to their own background.

Lectures about the work of Alto, Dieste and Saarinen were used as a source of artistic inspiration. In addition, our students attended IASS symposium in Barcelona to gather scientific knowledge about state of the art research projects. Using those two inputs, they had to develop a personal approach of architecture related to the topic they had chosen with a particular focus on the interaction between Art and Science.

The outcome of this studio was a diversified production of very rich projects.

Parametrical workshop:

Students: Maxim Andrist, Romain Belisle, David Bustion, Maxence Grangeot, Lena Herpell, Fanny Ladisa