Ski Station Metamorphosis | Spring 2021

This semester, Studio Weinand takes a step up! After using scanning techniques to rehabilitate an old mansion in Rennaz (Spring 2020) and a sanatorium un Intyamon valley (Autumn 2020), the studio moved to the Great St Bernard Pass, near Italian border to study the refection of an abandoned ski station.

The challenge is twofold. On the one hand, students must question the future of the station and propose a program that will allow the site to be reactivated in a sustainable manner. On the other hand, they were asked to minimize the environmental impact of their project by developing a constructive system from local resources. From the first week of the semester, reflections on fabrication, transformation, transport and assembly of the elements had to be integrated with the architectural concept.
This holistic approach was supported by the appropriation of various digital tools. By learning parametric design, students learned to manipulate a point cloud model, obtained by scanning both the interior and exterior of the existing building, in order to establish a detailed inventory of available materials

The outcome of this studio was a diversified production of very rich projects. Students projects are also available on Miro.



Prof. : Yves Weinand
Assist. : Petras Vestartas, Nicolas Rogeau
Guests : Christian Dupraz


Raphaël Boscarato, Mélanie De Sousa, Jonathan Kiener, Lisa Baseggio, Liliana da Cunha, Kevin Navarro, Madina Hassan, Jonas Leibundgut, Alicia Crespo, Milan Fortecoef, Iliana