Previous Research Projects

Mechanical Form-Finding of Timber Fabric Structures

Dr. Seyed Sina Nabaei, Prof. Yves Weinand, Prof. Olivier Baverel

Friction Welding of Wood

Dr. Benjamin Hahn, Dr. Bernhard Stamm, Prof. Yves Weinand

AVI as a Mechanical Too

Dr. François Demoures, Prof. Tudor Ratiu, Prof. Yves Weinand

origami ibois structure

Origami – Folded Plate Structures

Dr. Hani Buri, Prof. Yves Weinand, Marcel Haasis

Timber Fabric

Dr. Markus Hudert, Prof. Yves Weinand

Stability of the Timber Rib Shells

Dr. Johannes Natterer, Prof. Yves Weinand

Geodesic Lines for Timber Rib Shells

Dr. Claudio Pirazzi, Prof. Yves Weinand Partners: Vial SA, Prof. Peter Buser, Dr. Roland Rosznyo

origami ibois structure

Fractal Geometry

Dr. Ivo Stotz, Dr. Gilles Gouaty, Prof. Yves Weinand Partners: Iver Bailly-Salins, Dr. Eric Tosan, Prof. Peter Buser