Introduction to Computational Architecture

EPFL 2022 – Credits : Nicolas Rogeau

IBOIS Post-docs Julien Gamerro and Petras Vestartas as well as PhD’s Nicolas Rogeau and Andrea Settimi have begun teaching a new bachelor-level course aiming to introduce architecture students to coding.

This course started in February 2022. Its main objective is to develop a computational mindset to maximize the use of efficient digital tools in architectural projects. It is composed of 3 modules, starting with reviewing the fundamentals of geometric 3D modeling and learning advanced techniques of 3D modeling with Rhinoceros. Then, parametric modeling techniques will be introduced, such as the visual scripting interface of Grasshopper will be presented, and basic and advanced geometric elements will be parametrized. Finally, students will be introduced to coding with Python.

The pedagogical goal consists in showing three different manners of designing both standard and complex geometries with a computer. This configuration in 3 modules allows for a gradual increase of the level of complexity and the initiation of architecture students to computational thinking. This course is designed to promote active learning pedagogical principles, and be interactive through participatory exercises and learning assessment quizzes. Evaluation will be continuous throughout the semester to ensure a continuous level of commitment of the students during lessons and exercise sessions. The course is later intended to be opened for civil engineering bachelor students. By doing so, IBOIS staff hopes to create a climate of inter-disciplinary collaboration inside ENAC that would be very beneficial for students.

EPFL 2022 – Credits: Petras Vestartas