Spring 2019 – Reciprocal structures

“Due to a fortune teller failure, we cannot know in advance whether or not it will rain on the evening of August 31. However, the performance will take place, it must take place. It is therefore necessary to prepare to shelter the entire stage, to sit the thousand and one guests in the dry by unfolding above them the blanket that will make this collective space appear.
This Spring semester, we will imagine a reciprocal structure. A type of modular assembly made up of small linear elements, each resting on its own. They are conceived in their intricacy and in the motives that these elements form. After a simple and participatory assembly process, there will be no more reason to fear rain.”




Etudiants : Paul Coiffier, Jean Baptiste Clochet, Gilles Caron, Loris Jugen, Ludovic Fleischner, Julie Alléman, François Loison, Matthias Pengg, Tobias Richterich, Nordine Mahmoudi