PhD and Postdoc Alumni

Dr Nicolas Rogeau | Postdoctoral researcher, University of Tokyo
Dr Petras Vestartas | Postdoctoral researcher, ETHZ
Dr Julien Gamerro | Technical director, CBS-Lifteam
Dr Aryan Rezaei Rad | Assistant Professor, University of Toronto
Dr Anh Chi Nguyen | Engineer consultant, Oxand
Dr Christopher Robeller | Junior Professor, University of Kaiserslautern
Dr Markus Hudert | Visiting Researcher, Aalto University
Dr Andrea Stitic | Structural Engineer, AuCARRE cabinet d’ingénieurs (Au2)
Dr Stéphane Roche | Project manager TCE, CBS-Lifteam
Dr Seyed Sina Nabaei | Structural Engineer, Ingeni SA
Dr Hani Buri | Professor, HEIA
Dr Ivo Stotz | Independent architect, co-founder, Compago
Dr Gilles Gouaty
Dr Johannes Natterer | Scientific assistant, EPFL Gestion SGC-GE
Dr Benjamin Hahn| Research Associate, University of Dresden
Dr Bernhard Stamm| Consulting engineer, CSD Ingénieurs
Dr Claudio Pirazzi | Project Manager, Ingeni SA
Dr François Desmoures

Former Collaborators

Germain Brisson | Independant architect & founder, Bureau Brisson Architectes
Didier Callot | architect, Pont12 architectes sa
Sacha Favre | Independant architect & founder associate, Informal architects
Marcel Haasis | senior training consultant, Altran
Fred Hatt | Independant architect & founder, Tangram
Dr Laurent Humber | scientific expert & lecturer, BFH
Céline Kobel | architect, Tangram
Olivier Neiva | architect, Pont12 architectes sa
Dr Julien Nembrini | Building Physics Researcher, University of Fribourg
Marielle Savoyat | Specialist in the communication of architecture
Dr Massoud Sistaninia | Senior Simulation engineer, AVL