Script-sync is a Rhino plug-in to run C# and Python (IronPython or CPython) scripts in RhinoV8 directly from VSCode. Follow these instructions to use script-sync: Script-sync was tested on Windows 11 for RhinoV8. This plugin is part of the teaching activities of the IBOIS lab at EPFL. It was developed by Andrea Settimi.

TSlam is an open-source object-centered, tag-based visual navigation software for monocular RGB cameras specifically developed in C++ and for UNIX systems to support a robust and accurate augmented reality pipeline for close-range, noisy, and cluttered fabrication sequences involving wood-working operations such as cutting, drilling, sawing.

Cockroach is a collection of the most interesting and useful point cloud and mesh functions from various libraries: Open3D, Cilantro, CGAL, PCL. There are many libraries out there about point cloud (and mesh) processing, often one library is missing particular useful functions that another has. This way the development it’s continuously stoped by adding, compiling, referencing and converting elements through different libraries. Cockroach lets you use all these libraries seamlessly all at once. It is distributed as a C++ library and integrated in Rhino 7 and Grasshopper 1 as a plug-in.

Mesh NGon and Timber Joinery Methods for Grasshopper and Rhino 6 and 7: NGon is a computational design toolbox offering multiple commands and tools for manipulating meshes and geometric types to model joinery in timber construction.

Manis is a grasshopper plugin developed at the laboratory for timber constructions (IBOIS, EPFL) for creating joints between timber panels. The tool allows: generating geometry according to topological constraints and assembly sequence, generating CNC cutting toolpath to automate the fabrication of the plates, generating robotic trajectories to automate the assembly of the plates, and generating finite element models suitable for structural analysis.

Is a 2D/3D packing tool to achieve precise and automatic nested custom layouts.

Compas wood is a module developed for the compass framework to allow designers to model and generate multiple joins for timber construction.

This is a tool for CNC fabrication for drilling, milling, cutting, slicing, engraving and saw-blade fabrication. The tool-path was tested on machines: Orthogonal 5-axis Maka, Cardan 5-axis Maka and industrial robot arm ABB IRB 6400R. The application employs the G-Code using A and B rotations and XYZ values for translation. The algorithm considers machine methods such as the tool-changer, zero referencing, speed of movement, etc. The tool path can be simulated including the collision decetion between timber, spindle and the table.