Graph Theory


Prof. Friedrich Eisenbrand


Jana Cslovjecsek (MA B1 533)

Jonas Racine (MA C1 563)

News & Log

  • 23/09: Office hours changed to Tuesdays 10h-11h
  • 02/09: The classes are going to start on Thursday, February 21st in MAA330 at 13:15.


The course aims to introduce the basic concepts and results of modern Graph Theory with special emphasis on those topics and techniques that have proved to be applicable in theoretical computer science and in practice during the past forty years.


Lecture: Thursday 13:15 – 15:00 (MAA330);
Exercises: Thursday 15:15 – 17:00 (MAA330);

Office hours:
Jana & Jonas: Tuesdays 10h-11h


Your grade will be determined by a written final exam. You can collect bonus points by taking two non-compulsory 30 minutes quizzes during the semester. They will be held during exercise sessions on week 6 and 12. More details later.

Lecture notes

Current lecture notes

Assignments and homework problems

We will publish problems and practical exercises on this website every week. You can work on the exercises, ask questions, and discuss problems during the exercise sessions.

We will discuss solutions during the exercise sessions. For any question about the exercises and the material, don’t hesitate to send an email or come during office hours.

Problem Set 1 Solutions 1

Problem Set 2 Solutions 2

Problem Set 3 Solutions 3

Problem Set 4


  1. Diestel: Graph Theory (online version)
  2. Bollobas: Modern Graph Theory (online version)