Program Management Office

In a constantly changing environment, the VPFI’s program management office (PMOVPFI) responds to the challenges of transforming the finance function within EPFL and contributes to its improvement, while ensuring that it meets the School’s strategic and operational development. It supports projects that aim to simplify and modernize existing processes, with a vision to continuously optimizing the work of EPFL employees.

Olivier Colomb

Our mission is to translate EPFL's strategic vision into concrete transformation projects. We carry them out within the shortest possible time, with adequate human and operational resources, by ensuring the support and participation of actors with different or even divergent needs

Olivier Colomb, program management officer.

Users are put at the centre

The PMOVPFI’s motto is to place EPFL employees at the heart of its activity to best meet their expectations. All the projects it oversees, whether it is new processes or new tools, come from needs that have been expressed within the School.

A transversal approach

Crosscutting, the projects led by the PMOVPFI do not only concern the Vice Presidency for Finances. The VPFI works closely with the other Vice Presidencies, such as the Vice Presidency for Information Systems or the Vice Presidency for Human Resources and Operations. Part of the PMOVPFI’s activity also includes working with external experts, who provide assistance to carry out the projects undertaken.

Ongoing projects

The “Inventory Project” clarified the inventory process and gave rise to a new application, now deployed throughout the School. Its development was necessary to provide employees with a more user-friendly tool that would allow them to perform all tasks – inventory, transfer and disposal of assets – in a simple and integrated way.

Main benefits:

  • Facilitated equipment’s management process.
  • Clear view of the assets, data and location of the equipment inventoried.
  • Easier trade and sales of equipment.
  • Clarified sales process.

Since November 2018, several units have been testing a new tool to manage expense reimbursements in a simplified and digitalized way. It will be deployed to all units in September 2019.

Main benefits:

  • Electronic approval of the travel request (no need for signature).
  • Scanning of supporting documents via smartphone.
  • Automatic uploading of expenses into the tool.

The “Invoice Dematerialization Project” aims to reduce invoice-processing time. It is a matter of moving from a largely paper-based process to a digital process, where invoices will be received centrally via different channels (e-Invoice, PDF invoice by email, paper invoice); and made available on the Sesame portal so that units can allocate and validate them.

Main benefits:

  • No need to send an invoice by internal mail to the accounting department.
  • Centralized scanned paper invoices (no need to scan and archive supplier invoices).
  • Avoid input errors, which can occur when imputation elements are handwritten.
  • Possibility to validate an invoice even if you are on business trip.

A project to modernize the travel function will soon be launched within the School, in collaboration with the teams of the «Sustainable Campus Unit» and the «Safety, Prevention and Health Domain».

We are open to your comments and suggestions

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