Information access IT continuity plan Coronavirus.

We remind you to bring your laptops home. If you don’t have a laptop, you can use your personal computer.

Remote email access

You can use either a computer or your smartphone to access your EPFL email account off campus.

Go to the email configuration and support page for more information.

Remote access to your Exchange Calendar

You can access your Exchange Calendar over the web as well as through the Outlook (Windows and Mac) and iCal (Mac) clients.

Go to the calendar page for details on how this works.

Remote intranet access

If you want to use certain services on EPFL’s intranet, such as WordPress and Sesame, you’ll need to set up a VPN connection with EPFL.

Go to the VPN clients available page to learn how to install a VPN client.

Remote access to Jabber

You can install Cisco’s Jabber Softphone on your computer or smartphone.

Video conferencing

You can use Zoom to set up and participate in video conferences, simple online meetings and group messaging.

Online lecturing complete guide

Additional documentation for using Zoom

NAS mapping

From a PC

From a Mac

From a Linux station


The STI-IT team at your service

To get help, you may

Alejandro Salamanca 37741
BM 2110 


Pullyvan Krishnamoorthy 37741
BM 2110

Jean-Michel Buemi 34616
ELL 139 


Raymond Sutter 33992
ELB 236

Hassan Laaroussi 54348
MC B0 304
Enrico Colla 34958
MXF 310
Buildings Campus Biotech + CNP Genève
David Desscan 34633
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Direction IT 


Khadidja Malleck 34542
ME A2 395

Support 3rd level 


David Desscan 34633
ELB 135

Emmanuel Jaep 34522
ME A2 424

Laurent Kling 33511
ELB 135