In general, and in most areas, fresh rainwater is collected in sewerage systems and channeled to natural exits. The displacement of these large amounts of water changes the water balance of urban climate. In our contemporary climate conditions, it is imperative to implement stormwater management to prevent flooding. Additionally, we face heat waves and experience the adverse effects of urban heat islands. This project concentrates on the rainwater system. WaterShed is an urban structure that takes advantage of usable rainwater to cool ambient air in pedestrian areas, publics spaces and transportation hubs. The system addresses pedestrian thermal comfort in conditions of heatwave, which can be life threatening when temperatures rise to extremes. We focus on developing solutions from the building scale to the watershed dimension, anticipating that rainwater will soon be considered as a valuable resource. Therefore, we offer a solution to reduce the energy balance of cooling systems while adding value to wasted water. Our innovation will allow our partners and clients to transform their existing infrastructures to become more resource efficient, and will help them to implement strategic design in net-zero water and off-grid water system.

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