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During autumn semester 2018, ENAC organized a series of lab visits for interested researchers and students of EPFL.
Participating labs:
The following labs opened their doors for a visit to discover their equipment and hear about ongoing projects:


Structural engineering group (GIS)

Visit My Lab GIS

September 12 : 10 am – 11 am GC Entrance Hall second level –

Atlantide, GC A2 94.3

Importance of research in the field of structures for society, engineering and education. Presentation of the various test setups and testing machines in the laboratories. Explanation of ongoing tests by researchers. Duration: 1h

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(max. 20 participants)

Visit My Lab Gemini500 Cryo-SEM

September 26 9:30 – 11:30 Bâtiment Géopolis – GEO 3236
Demonstration of the new advanced (cryo-) SEM:

SEM has potential use in all research fields where micro-structural and elemental analysis of materials are important. Come and find out what SEM can do for your research!

  • 09:30-10:15

    Presentation: “GeminiSEM 500: our new Swiss-army-knife-microscope”. Coffee and croissants. Room GEO-3899 in Bâtiment Géopolis, 3rd floor, map here:

  • 10:20-11:30

    Lab visit, demo w. different sample types, Q&A session. Room GEO-0518

  • 11:30

    Detailed discussions/demos in case of interest.

Duration: 2h

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(max. 10 participants)

Solar Energy and Building Physics Laboratory (LESO-PB) – Nanotechnology for Solar Energy

Visit My Lab LESO PB

October 02 : 2.30 pm – 3.30 pm GCA0391
How to make solar coatings by plasma deposition – how to characterize solar coatings – topics of ongoing research projects: colored PV for architectural integration, smart materials for the building envelope (thermochromics, electrochromics), microstructured glazing for daylight management. Duration: 45′ – 1h

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Visit My Lab LTE

October 16 : 10 am – 12 CH H5 605 (Bâtiment CH)
The atmosphere is a complex and dynamic system, and remote sensing provide useful information about its structure and variability. This visit will focus on lidar systems developed and built at EPFL, to collect observations of temperature, water vapor and aerosols in the troposphere.

Come and see the light!

Duration: 30′ – 1h

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Visit My Lab EML

October 23 : 09 am – 16.00 pm Saint-Ursanne
Overview of the Mont Terri Project (research towards designing a Swiss radioactive waste repository). Special emphasis on the microbial component of the repository design which is the research topic at ENAC’s Environmental Microbiology Laboratory (EML). One day excursion

2h train to St.-Ursanne,

2.25h visit,

2h train back to EPFLRegistration form

(max. 40 participants)

Visit My lab Ecotox

December 03 : 14 pm – 15.30 pm GR B0 390
During our general lab tour of the Ecotox Centre, you will see different bio tests with soil and sediment organisms. We use these to analyse the toxicity of chemicals in the environment. We will explain to you how to prepare these tests, how to introduce the organisms, and how to measure the endpoints. There will also be time to have a look at our organism cultures and their maintenance! Duration: 45′

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Visit My Lab LEMR

January 15 : 10 am – 11 am GC G0 495
The LEMR conducts research on the mechanical behaviour, physical and fluid transport properties of rock materials at sub-surface conditions. This is accomplished by means of experimental research coupled with microstructural studies of the micro-scale processes, and modelling of these processes. Duration: 1h

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