Teaching Unit SKIL 2020


Our project aims to make a quasi-autonomous glider that would use as little of its engine as possible thanks to its ability to seek out hot air currents and use them to gain height. Human intervention would take place during take-off and landing, and the engine battery would be recharged by solar panels.


Let’s face it, some EPFL squares look more like Walmart car parks on a Sunday morning than places to meet and relax to enjoy a sandwich at lunchtime or a discussion on subatomic particles in the afternoon. Thus, it seemed necessary to invent the Bamboulette. Future indispensable object of the public squares, it will have the ambition to be a chair, a bench, an umbrella, a trolley and a green space at the same time!


Our idea, called Mego-Land, is to recycle plastic filters from cigarette butts to produce ashtrays. These ashtrays would be of two complementary types: collective and portable. Portable ashtrays prevent smokers from discarding their cigarette butts in the wild. Collective ashtrays, in addition to collecting cigarette butts from people nearby, near a bar for example, allow owners of portable ashtrays to dispose of accumulated cigarette butts, so that they can be sent to a recycling company.

Seeded paper

This project aims to encourage people to avoid the one-time use of some products. What’s better than planting flyers and business cards that you only read once? Simply plant, water and a little sunshine to obtain vegetables or flowers from the seeded paper.

Pizza Funghi

Our project focuses on the application of two materials: soil and the root part of mushrooms. Together we want to test the potential for combining these resources through a series of experiments to test their properties. The final experience will be the start-up of a wood oven revisited by our techniques.

Dew water harvester

Dew has an interesting potential as source of water. We are looking to create an easy to build harvester to exploit this phenomenon. The materials will be easily accessible so that the crop can be built in the event of a pandemic and the water will be used to irrigate plants to allow greater food self-sufficiency.


What if you could travel with a piece of home? what if you could get lost in the nature with a shelter? what if. . . we could go around the world without a low impact? Let’s invent the diOgen!