• Vassilopoulos Anastasios

The aim of this course focuses on the description of the performance of composite materials for engineering applications. The topics cover a multitude of domains, from the introduction to composites, to the stress analysis, to manufacturing and production of composite materials and structural components. Hands on experience is offered to the students during the course (2 sessions in the laboratory), while there is the possibility to design/fabricate composite structural components as part of the course project (potentially in combination with semester projects)
After completing the course, the students will be able to:
  • Analyze the behavior of composite structures.
  • Design composite structures.
  • Assess / Evaluate the strength of composite structures.
  • Manage design projects.
  • Express their opinion on design projects.
  • Define needs and set priorities.
  • Organize their work (especially when working in a team).
  • Create complete technical reports.