SKIL as workshop

SKIL as workshop

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The SKIL is a workshop located on the EPFL campus in Lausanne near the EPFL metro stop. This space is used as a workshop primarily for EPFL Bachelor and Master students. To access it, the student undergoes mandatory theoretical training before receiving access. The temporary SKIL building consists of 15 white portacabins divided into 3 levels: the Machine Workshop (Ground floor), the Maker space (1st floor) and the Ideation space (2nd floor). Anyone is welcome to visit the SKIL during opening hours (Monday to Friday between 8am and 6pm). For this purpose, a bell is located on the front door.

Machine workshop (Ground floor)

This area includes the largest machines of the SKIL. The use of these is limited to the official opening hours of the SKIL (8am-6pm Monday to Friday). The machines present may only be used under the supervision of a lab manager.

Maker space (1st floor)

The maker space is a space that includes digital and manual tools that can generally be found in a fablab or makerspace. Once a theoretical security training has been completed, it is possible to have access to this space 24/24 and 7/7 for Bachelor and Master students. However, some machines require some practical training.

Ideation space (2nd floor)

This space allows you to work on your computer, organize meetings with your group or presentations. It also contains a small kitchen. It is the living space of the SKIL and where projects are imagined.

Security and trainings

The safety rules including theoretical and practical safety training are summarized in this section.


What are the machines in the SKIL? What are the safety levels and characteristics of the machines?

Available material

What equipment is available at SKIL? How much does it cost?