Teaching Unit SKIL 2018

M&A Mycelium Design & Architecture

Develop a mushroom-based material for various applications. After tests and research for the knowledge of the material, create a variant by ourselves and then apply it in different fields.


The Showerloop is an open-source cyclic shower developed by Jason Selvarajan that recovers, filters and reuses water in real time. It requires only 10L of water per shower, instead of 100L on average for a 10-minute shower at a flow rate of 10L/min.


Every day, several hundred weather balloons are released into the world. After the ascent, the balloon explodes and the measuring instruments land in sometimes unaffordable places. Our project is about a way to redirect the instruments during the descent.


This project aims to rethink the use of coffee grounds as well as the reuse of plastic and aluminium.


Bétar-en-Guiton is an electric guitar made from concrete. The challenge of this project was mainly to make a timber formwork precise and robust enough. Despite a two-stage casting, our prototype proved to be acoustically convincing.


Dedicated to EPFL students (initially), EPFriends would like to be a website allowing meetings and discussions with other students with the same interests.

Wesh Skis

The goal of this project is to develop a new form of skiing that presents new technical properties (pop) in order to bring a new feeling when skiing.