Dew water harvester

Dew has an interesting potential as source of water. We are looking to create an easy to build harvester to exploit this phenomenon. The materials will be easily accessible so that the crop can be built in the event of a pandemic and the water will be used to irrigate plants to allow greater food self-sufficiency.

Project description

Despite the global water shortages and the general contexts related to them, ways of harvesting water and making it drinkable are emerging in most countries. In this project, the main idea is therefore to recover water from a natural environment and make it drinkable or usable. Linked to this context, the project initially consisted of filtering water from a water table and finally refocused on dew water recovery.

Thus, the approach of this project consisted in recovering this water on a large scale (quantitatively) before finally being redirected to a much more simplistic way of creating water collectors, especially during quarantine periods (COVID-19). The aim is therefore to collect dew water, free of charge, while raising awareness of the nature of its capture, that said, by using materials from recycling.

For more information, here is the final poster of the project:


Students involved: