Pizza Funghi

Our project focuses on the application of two materials: soil and the root part of mushrooms. Together we want to test the potential for combining these resources through a series of experiments to test their properties. The final experience will be the start-up of a wood oven revisited by our techniques.

Project description

Starting from a willigness to build with sustainable, renewable materials and with a carbon footprint close to zero, raw earth and mycelium emerged as perfect candidates. In order to demonstrate the potential of association of these two materials, the work takes place around the pretext of the pizza oven. The aim of this project is to test the implementation as well as the performance of these components, while keeping a playful spirit and the promise of a tasty reward.

Limited by strict containment measures (COVID-19), we have reorganized ourselves in order to best advance this project. The mycelium received earlier allowed us to test some properties of this material and to produce the first bricks that will make up the insulation wall. The modeling part could also be improved in order to produce useful drawings for the future realization of the project. At the same time, we are developing a strategic plan for the organisation of tasks within the group which will help us to carry out the project if conditions allow.

For more information, here is the final poster of the project:


Students involved: