Granted projects

Interdisciplinary projects at EPFL

EPFL Racing Team for the Formula Student competition

The EPFL Racing Team (LRT) is a student team founded in September 2017 on the initiative of a few students of Mechanical Engineering. It quickly attracted a lot of interest from students in different sections.


The SP80 project was founded in September 2017, gathering a team of EPFL students and Alumni with the same desire to push the limits of speed sailing.

Swiss Solar Boat

Our goal? – Build a boat on a foil over 6 metres long, operating only with solar panels. Ideally, it will reach a top speed of 30 knots (about 55 km/h) with the pilot on board.


Who has never dreamed of going to the moon? But have you thought about how you will eat once you get there? The GrowbotHub project by the Légumes Perchés association aims to create a system that will allow the cultivation of fruits and vegetables for the moon.

EPFL Rocket Team

Who hasn’t dreamed of building and launching their own rocket? The EPFL Rocket Team is an interdisciplinary project that aims to bring students together around the design and launch of rockets in international competitions.

Act4Change Lab stamped projects


This student project aims to bring more greenery to the EPFL campus by implementing a first prototype of a green wall on the SKIL.

La Pergola

La Pergola is a student initiative that aims to reinvest the small forgotten areas of the campus into sharing platforms.

Other support at EPFL

CIEL – Tomorrow’s sustainable olympic village

CIEL stands for Concours Interdisciplinaire Etudiant de Lausanne and organizes an annual idea competition for a continuous period of 24 hours on the UNIL and EPFL campus. The conceptual core of this project is synergy, the synergy of ideas, people, skills, disciplines, motivations and sensitivities.


TROBAK is a project aimed at optimizing the collection and recycling of organic waste.