ECOS Workshop – how to service skis

If the edges of your skis are rounded, if they are rusted, or if the sole is dry-greyish,possibly with holes, then it is time to refurbish them!

Why serve your skis?
Remember that there is no fun on the slopes with ruined skis. You can do this by yourself with some adapted tools. This will save you money (ca. 60.- for a full repair in the shop). Not only is it cheaper to do it by yourself, but you can do it more frequently (worth to do it after 1-2 days on icy snow) and it prolongs the life-time of your skis. Indeed, on the contrary of the machinemade refurbishment, the hand-made refurbishment does not remove material of the sole and does not (less) reduce the thickness of the edges. But if your skis are very badly damaged, you cannot avoid a machine refurbishment. A good approach is to do it once a year, and doing frequently the hand-made refurbishment during the ski season.