Other student support

EPFL offers various opportunities for students wishing to develop their entrepreneurship, practical skills or creativity. A non-exhaustive list of these opportunities is provided below.

Other opportunities given to Bachelor and Master students at EPFL

Student Entrepreneurship @EPFL

EPFL support students who want to launch their own company, through 1-to-1 guidance, events, workshops, study trips and grants.


The XGrant program supports EPFL students who want to start an innovative company.


The YGrant program supports EPFL students who want to start a social/environmental impact-driven company.

Discovery Learning Lab

DLL have been developing, since years, a long-term plan for infrastructure, with, among others, two large centralized prototyping resources dedicated to mechanics and electronics (1500 square meters) and materials and structures (1000 square meters). The DLL program will offer needed space and resources to support students in their hands on activities across disciplines (Ideation / Models / Electronics / Mechanics / Chemistry / Biology / Physics / Materials and structures / Computational thinking / Food) and offer a strong support for new pedagogical approaches to be developed in parallel.

Act for Change Lab

Act for Change LAB is a real platform-laboratory of ideas, giving students (and employees) on campus the opportunity to design, develop and realize a sustainable idea, project or initiative. Food, outdoor amenities, mobility, energy, waste, climate, social community… are examples of themes that require solutions to meet today’s challenges.

Robopoly association

Robopoly is the makerspace of the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne. Entirely managed by students, the association’s objectives are to promote robotics and maker culture on the EPFL campus.