SIE Project – ECOS laboratory

Student involved:
  • Andrea Quilici

The project
As part of his SIE project, a compulsory semester project in the Master’s course for students in Environmental Science and Engineering at EPFL, the student Andrea Quilici worked on optimizing the soil type for the installation of green roofs. In order to be able to analyse in detail the physico-chemical qualities of the selected soils, the student chose to carry out measurements on the thermal transmission capacities of the different soils. In order to carry out these measurements, he thought of creating a box to thermally insulate the soil samples and thus achieve reliable results.
Realization of an insulated box in the SKIL
The development of the box was done within the SKIL, under the supervision and advice of its technicians and with the economic and scientific support of the ECOS laboratory and Dr Pierre Mariotte. The box is the first of its kind, designed specifically by the student to obtain interesting and reliable measurements during his experiments. It allows to monitor the time required for the thermal transfer between a hot and cold heat source through a transmission element of your choice. It is now available from the ECOS laboratory, in the Environmental Science and Engineering section, to carry out new measurements and experiments.