Seeded paper

This project aims to encourage people to avoid the one-time use of some products. What's better than planting flyers and business cards that you only read once? Simply plant, water and a little sunshine to obtain vegetables or flowers from the seeded paper.

Project description

Today, it is essential to rethink our linear economy into a circular economy. We must revalue our waste and be inventive in order to give it a second life. That is the whole point of our project.

Here we use old paper to make new paper. During the process we incorporate the seeds of two categories of plants: vegetable garden and flowering meadow. The paper will be used for a variety of purposes that we are developing. The challenge is to obtain a paper with acceptable properties. To do this, we are exploring various processes. Of course, the final product will not contain any pollutants since it is intended to be buried in the ground.

Our project has the advantage that it can be carried out at home and requires simple and inexpensive equipment. As a result, the final prototype will be similar to the one initially expected. The few necessary accessories (sieve, press etc. ) can be made from everyday objects.

For more information, here is the final poster of the project as well as the presentation videos:


Students involved: